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22-23 Panini Revolution Soccer Hobby box

22-23 Panini Revolution Soccer Hobby box

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Box configuration:

8 packs with 5 cards in each pack

  • Look for an autograph in every second box, on average .
  • (1) Numbered Parallel
  • (8) Other Parallels
  • (4) Base Rookies
  • (3) Base Inserts

product information:

  • The 300-card base set features all the top players and league squads from the 20 Premier League teams.
  • Find a 35-card subset of Rookies in the base set, featuring the best up-and-coming talent in the Premier League on one of their first certified trading cards.
  • There are two autograph card sets in Revolution Soccer 2022-23: autographs and legendary autographs. Look for an autograph in every second box, on average.
  • Unlock (3) HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Bet Sets - Supersonic, Futures and Shockwave - ALL with Galactic Parallels! Also, be on the lookout for the ULTRA-RARE die-cut Star Factor insert, which drops an average of one per main case.
  • Foot-of-foot players are highlighted in the HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Supersonic betting kit; in the Premier League the only option is to be fast!
  • Shock Wave is a new-to-football, HOBBY-EXCLUSIVE insert featuring the players who make an impact on the pitch.
  • NEW for 2022-23 is Star Factor, a limited edition die-cut insert. This HOBBY EXCLUSIVE drops one per master case, on average.
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